Explore Holt Construction’s diverse portfolio, highlighting our proficiency across multiple sectors including QSR construction, fast-casual establishments, office spaces, retail locations, and medical buildings.

With a specialization in new restaurant construction and remodels, our work exemplifies precision and quality. Among our esteemed clients are industry giants like McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Plumas Bank. Discover how we bring visions to life.

McDonald's – Willows, CA

Construction of a new 4,000 square foot McDonald’s featuring a side-by-side drive thru layout located in Willows, California. Its modern architecture, featuring the iconic golden arches, seamlessly integrates into the local landscape with native shrubs and trees. 

Meriam Park – Chico, CA

 Meriam Park is an up-and-coming community of office buildings emerging in the heart of Chico, CA. Situated amidst rolling hills and picturesque landscapes, this vibrant community promises a blend of modern convenience and small-town charm.

Holt Construction has been instrumental in shaping Meriam Park’s landscape, having successfully constructed six distinct office buildings in the area. This noteworthy achievement underscores our dedication to excellence in construction.

Furthermore, we’re actively engaged in overseeing three ongoing tenant improvements, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to enhancing the infrastructure and functionality of Meriam Park.

Wendy's – Livermore, CA

Construction of a new Wendy’s restaurant on an existing vacant lot located in Livermore, California. This project consisted of site, utility, building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical work. Inside the completed restaurant, Wendy’s signature equipment and furnishings were installed, creating the familiar ambiance that customers expect.

In summer of 2019, Wendy’s in Livermore opened its doors to eager customers, ready to serve its menu of delicious food and beverages. 

AMain Hobbies – Chico, CA

 The new 50,000 Squarefoot AMain Hobbies warehouse constructed in Chico, California, signifying a significant investment in the region’s cycling and remote-control vehicle industry.

This project aimed to meet the growing demand for products and services while providing a centralized hub for storage, distribution, and retail operations. AMain serves customers around the world out of their two warehouses located in California and North Carolina. 

Del Taco – Chico, CA

 Del Taco, a prominent fast-food Mexican restaurant chain, expanded into Chico, California, showcasing its commitment to offering its popular menu items to a wider audience.

Strategically located, the new restaurant aimed to improve accessibility and convenience for residents and visitors alike. 

Plumas Bank – Chico, CA

 As one of the top performing community banks in California, Nevada, and Oregon, Plumas Bank opened its newest branch in Chico, CA in April of 2023.

The project consisted of renovating an existing 5,6000 square foot building that focused on sustainable, eco-friendly construction and materials whenever possible as well as bringing in local vendors, contractors, and artists.

The remodel boasts low-water-usage landscaping, new solar paneling, energy-efficient metal roofing, LED lighting, energy-efficient HVAC and appliances, low VOC paint, carpet, and flooring, as well as flooring made from recyclable materials. 

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